How Neurodiversity Went From Evolutionary Advantage to Social Deficit

Art by Jesse Meadows

Psychiatry commonly focuses on our weaknesses, but there is little talk of our strengths.

Lion drawings in Chauvet cave, painted 30,000 years ago
Drawings by non-autistic 6 year olds (left) vs autistic 5 year old (right) from Selfe, 2011
Examples of impossible objects
The Cosmic Calendar, the history of the universe condensed into one year.

We did not evolve for almost 3 million years to sit completely still in under-stimulating, temperature-controlled boxes with fluorescent lighting and four white walls, typing on a computer screen for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Evolutionary theory tells us that our brains are not unnatural. Our society is.

writer + digital artist focused on disability, queerness, and culture | they/them

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