writer + digital artist doing critical adhd studies + re-politicizing mental health | they/them

I don’t “have my shit together” and I’m not trying to hack my life — I have other priorities.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

The hero’s journey is perhaps our most ubiquitous cultural narrative: the protagonist, our hero, goes out into the wilds, suffers, learns, finds something, and brings it back home to share. Most…

What snails and storms taught me about my shadow

Art by the author

There is a point in the healing process when you have to embrace all the things you learned to hate. You stop running and hiding from your own sins and you turn and look them in the face, stretch out a…

It’s not a euphemism for disorder.

Meme by the author

The term “neurodiversity” is everywhere lately, and it’s being used in ways that appear to be progressive, but underneath, are really just the same old pathology paradigm re-packaged.

Criticisms of its improper usage mostly focus on grammar — a person cannot be neurodiverse, that…

Jesse Meadows

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